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When there’s nothing else to do or you’re between projects, you can amuse yourself by making something that will better the shop. You don’t have to think about finish-out — unless you’re into that — and you accomplish something positive in the meantime. Reader and Flickr pool member “schnaars” had this to say about his latest project:

I spent all week in various meetings and needed to do something physical. I’ve been meaning to add a shelf to my work bench to clean it up a bit, so I banged it out tonight.

Great job, and we give schnaars high scores for the old-school Stanley planes. We have shelves that are very similar both in construction and in what they carry — we just wish we had planes like that on our shelves.

Toolmonger Flickr Pool [Flickr]


One Response to From the Flickr Pool: Quick-Build Shelf

  1. Chris W says:

    Very nice shelves, but those planes should be stored on their sides to avoid dulling the blades (unless they have been retracted).

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