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Black and Decker’s VPX tools and accessories are hitting the clearance bins at many home improvement stores less than four months after the products’ initial release. It seems that some stores simply removed their VPX stock from display, but others, such as the Home Depot shown above, are offering their leftovers at a sweet discount.

While we wouldn’t recommend these tools for heavy-duty work even at clearance prices, they’re decent homeowner-grade products that you may want to keep an eye out for, next time you’re at the store. Although I’ve heard rumors that the VPX system has been discontinued, several online stores and discount retailers are still offering a variety of VPX tools and add-ons at full price.

Many thanks go to MrsMcDreamy at Slickdeals.net for sharing the above photo recently taken at Home Depot.

VPX Tool System [Black and Decker]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
VPX Starter Set Via Amazon [What’s This?]


19 Responses to Dealmonger: Black And Decker VPX On Clearance

  1. l_bilyk says:

    Wow… that didn’t take long

  2. mike d says:

    ticks me off since I paid full MSRP for several of these items to give as Christmas presents. 2 weeks later I ran across them at clearance prices.

  3. Joe says:

    The Home Depot’s around here have all the VPX on clearance EXCEPT the spare batteries and the dustbuster, which remain at full price.

  4. Mike D, a lot of stores offer a retroactive price guarantee. I got Best Buy to refund $10 on a GPS I purchased that showed up for cheaper a week later. See if you can get someone at the store to tell you when the clearance started, a manager should have that data. Then present your full-price receipt from earlier, and ask if they’d like to turn a pissed customer into a happy customer. You might have to call customer service to do it, but start at the local store.

  5. Stuart says:


    Home Depot has gotten very strict about their pricematch policy – it’s now only 7, maybe 14 days. If that’s where Mike purchased his tools, his only option would be a repurchase and return, which could get really messy.

  6. Bowen says:

    I’m sure B&D will come out with another battery format in a couple of weeks, it’s how they get you to buy new junk.

    And whoever thought white was a good colour for a tool casing is an idjit.

  7. Eugene B says:

    The Home Depot had these at even lower prices than what was shown here. There was even a Dewalt representative doing a demo and I leared that Dewalt, B&D, Porter-Cable and Delta are all the same company??? Those were all the logos on the banner he had around his table…

  8. Jerry says:

    Lowe’s is also selling these off at incredible savings. I just picked up the starter set for $38.00! The retail price was $99!

    I’d be worried though, In checking the Amazon link above, they too are clearing these out. Could it be a not-so-great product that B&D is looking to liquidate?

  9. Fred says:

    Black & Decker acquired the tool group (Porter Cable, Delta, DeVilbiss and Oldham Saw) in 2004. They had acquired Dewalt earlier.

  10. rbb says:

    Strange, where are all the Black and Decker reps now that replied in the original VPX thread? I wonder what Tracine Andrus, Product Manager – Black & Decker VPX, has to say about this?

  11. eschoendorff says:

    I don’t know why everyone is so excited… these tools are toys! I played with them for a few minutes at Home Depot and promptly walked away….

  12. eschoendorff says:

    These tools are toys….

    • Randy Oxley says:

      BS! I’ve used them for two years daily in my job as an installing locksmith and they are awesome!
      I wish they still sold them as I would buy more.

  13. Rally9x says:

    My HD just dropped the starter set down to 20 bucks from 99…now thats pretty insane. I finally caved and ended up buying two for that price, at the least I can keep a flat head and phillips driver handy whenever or have an extra flashlight around.

    Just to add to the tally Menards and Walmart are also clearing these out.

  14. Stuart says:

    Even Amazon has jumped on the clearance bandwagon – they now have the VPX starter set for $50…


  15. Tim says:

    I’ve been very happy with the 14 volt one, I’ve been using the crap out of it,and it’s held up very well in an industrial envierment. no problems at all. it’s just a lot lighter then a standard cordless due to the lithium batteries. it’s not a toy at all,i put 400 screws in on one charge and the batteries weren’t even dead. as far as the white on the case,it’s hard plastic so it wipes off. black and decker said the major retailers have dropped the ball on sales, but black and decker will continue to sell the batteries and chargers and support the product. just not make new ones. this is compared to the firestorm drills of before, which were total garbage. that line seemed designed to break from the day it was made,yet they still carry it.

  16. Adam R says:

    I think the bell has rung. I have started seeing these at Big Lots.

  17. Bruno Russo says:

    FYI: Menards has these tools at discount prices this week.
    $8 for the flashlight. $8 for the battery. $10 for the inflator, inverter and dustbuster. $40 for the starter kit, I don’t remember what the others were but with the free battery rebates directly from black and decker they are a good deal.

  18. RON says:

    I bought the kit. actually two of them. I use the impact driver probably 50 hrs a week. I’m a small engine mechanic. It has yet to fail me. I also thought it was a toy at first and figured it would probably only last a week or two, I am very impressed.

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