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Campbell Hausfeld is recalling several compressor models after 11 fires were reported. The recalled compressors pose a fire hazard due to improper motor coverings that can ignite during use. The affected products include certain Campbell Hausfeld and Husky compressors sold between July 2005 and November 2007.

The recalled compressors include a four gallon model (HL5402), and several 8-15 gallon models (HL410100, HL421000, HL421500, and HL431500). If you purchased your compressor in the time period mentioned above, you should check your compressor’s model and serial number at the back of the tank. If you believe you’re affected by the recall, call Campbell Hausfeld at (800) 241-0448. You can find full details of the recall in a press release by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, linked below.

Full Recall Details [CPSC]


6 Responses to Campbell Hausfeld And Husky Compressor Recalls

  1. Frank Townend says:

    I heard about this some time ago. I suscribe to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission E-Mail list: https://www.cpsc.gov/cpsclist.aspx Every couple of days I get a short E-Mail with a list of recalled items at the top. This allows an easy check of products I might own.

    The subscription service allows selection of one or mores lists like:

    – All CPSC press releases and recalls, the Public Calendar, and CPSR notification
    – All CPSC press releases, including recalls
    – All recalls only
    – CPSC Public Calendar only
    – Notification that a new issue of the Consumer Product Safety Review is published
    – Only those recalls involving infant/child products
    – Only those recalls involving products used for sports & recreation
    – Only those recalls involving products used outdoors
    – Only those recalls involving household products
    – Only those recalls involving specialty products

  2. Fred says:

    If you have one of the various DeVilbiss-Made (Black & Decker sub.) compressors (like the Porter Cable models that we use on jobsites) that have rubber tires with plastic inner wheels – you also need to check on a recall.
    The same goes for a variety of pressure washers.


    The replacement wheels (now steel rim) are easy to install. The old model apparently was subject to violent wheel failure – when cold/brittle plastic shattered – possible sending shards into your unsuspecting ankle.

  3. Had a few in for repair but never a problem like that!

  4. Brian says:

    Does anyone have or seen one of the HL5402 models? I just bought one in a kit at Home Depot, and the directions for use AND the labeling on the unit seem opposite the action of the unit (i.e. – the directions say to turn the regulator knob right (clockwise) to open flow, left (counterclockwise) to close, but turning right restricts airflow and causes air to issue from the drain valve, turning left opens flow). Customer service was less than helpful (had no unit to test, first said could be a misprint in the manual, then said unit was defective an should be returned). If anyone has this unit and can let me know if they’ve had similar problems I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

  5. richard irvin says:

    My new Husky Compressor WL6519 almost caught fire this morning. I was filling my care tires and without any notice the compressor stopped and smoke started billowing out of the top. If I wasn’t standing there, my house would have burned down. The compressor appeared to be seconds from bursting in flames. Home Depot won’t take it back. Help me Husky!!

  6. ejchi says:

    I received one of these ch compressors today. I tried to call but I cannot get anyone at ch customer service or anyone at any other number that knows anything about this recall.

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