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Most people see a chainsaw as a utilitarian tool of destruction. However, others see a chainsaw as Monet saw a paint brush or Michelangelo saw a mallet and chisel — that is, as a tool of expression. The RedMax G3200CV, a lightweight saw with a 12″ bar meant specifically for detail carving, qualifies as just such a tool.

The saw’s bar narrows to a tight radius for doing very detailed work. The chain, also specifically meant for detail work, features fine, closely-spaced cutters. The saw’s 31.8 cc two-stroke engine puts out 1.8 HP.

The manufacturer, Zenoah Komatsu, gave noted chainsaw sculptor Brian Ruth (a.k.a. Master of the Chainsaw) the chance to demo the saw in Japan. Brian liked it so much, he brought it back to the states where he sells it exclusively through his company, Chainsaw Masters International. You can get the RedMax G3200CV for $380.

G3200CV [MastersOfTheChainsaw.com]
Video Of Brian Ruth Carving [YouTube]


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  1. PutnamEco says:

    Got to give those carvers credit, chainsaw carving is harder than it looks.

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