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Branding Iron

When you create something you’re proud of, you want people to know — you want to leave your mark. For instance, you can show your pride in your work by marking it with your personal brand. Rockler sells custom branding irons for between $50 and $90.

Rockler offers their “HANDCRAFTED BY” branding irons in either torch-heated or 110V electrically-heated. You can add one or two additional custom lines of text — all CAPITAL letters — after the “HANDCRAFTED BY” text.

The torch-heated branding irons run slightly cheaper, at $50 for one custom line or $80 for two lines. The electrically heated irons sell for $65 and $90. If you’re looking to buy a custom branding iron, plan ahead, because the delivery time is about three to four weeks.

Branding Iron [Rockler]


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  1. Jim K. says:

    My neighbors dog should be afraid, very afraid… heh… heh…

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