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If you’ve been itching for a cheap digital miter gauge/fence and didn’t want to pay uber bucks for one, Craftsman may have the cure for what ails you in the Digital Miter Gauge Model 29939 — an un-sexy name for what could prove to be a handy edition around the shop.

It features -50 to +50 degree miter/bevel/angle range, three adjustable expansion points for a precise fit in standard 3/4″ slots, and a 15″ aluminum miter fence. The backlit LCD screen reads right side up, even when it’s upside down. And Craftsman throws in a few other goodies that make the gauge look rather interesting to us. We don’t have one in the shop yet, but it has made the list.

The price is also rather attractive, hovering right around $80 for all this potential digital hotness.

Digital Miter Gauge Model 29939 [Craftsman]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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