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Stretchwrap Flat Twine

Next time you have to bundle boards, pipes, siding, or whatever, don’t reach for tape or rope or twine — grab your roll of Stretch Wrap Flat Twine. If it’s good enough to withstand shipping by UPS, it’s good enough for Toolmongers.

Unlike tape, Flat Twine only sticks to itself, so there are no knots to remember — wrapping the Flat Twine over itself is sufficient. Since it stretches, you can bundle your stuff tighter than with rope or twine. And when you need to separate the materials, just unwrap the flat twine; no knots to untie, no sticky mess left behind.

Pricing starts at $4 for a 2″ x 178′ roll with dispenser. If you can find a rope that length for cheaper, I wouldn’t trust it.

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6 Responses to All Tied Up With Flat Twine

  1. it’s useful stuff, but 1ft of rope = about 6ft of film for strength, making the price difference less dramatic

  2. Dan says:

    Also available at Staples (et al) in the packing section — it’s not something you use to hold a load, it’s something you use to keep stuff tidy if you want to move the stuff around — keeping a rug rolled up, holding the bits of a coffemaker together, that sort of thing. There’s always tape or string, but once you get used to this stuff, it’s very handy indeed.

  3. Just don’t use it to hold that spare video card to your old motherboard! Stretch wraps of all sorts work by static electricity, a death sentence for unprotected electronics.

  4. PutnamEco says:

    You can get bigger (wider) rolls of wrap at any warehouse supply store. It is commonly used for wrapping pallets , so they don’t unstack themselves during shipping. Handy for moving furniture also, just wrap up your dressers or file cabinets and the drawers won’t open in transit. Remember to protect your fine finishes before wrapping though, as the solvents in the wrap will eventual leave their mark.

  5. Fred says:

    I got some at U-Haul (probably paid too much) years ago when I was moving kids back from college. Great stuff for wrapping and aggregating the each layer of limbs on an artificial Christmas Tree to keep them together.

  6. Corry says:

    When I worked at Sears Auto, we used to wrap pallets of old vehicle batteries. It only took a few wraps to secure over one thousand pounds of batteries, so I would say it is pretty strong.
    (The stuff we used seemed to be the same thickness as the smaller stuff similar to the photo above.)

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