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Ultimate Protape

U.S. Tape’s Ultimate ProTape looks like somebody put it in a hydraulic press. The 1-1/2″W x 2″T x 4-3/4″L case houses a 25′ long, 1″ wide tape — but because of its oblong shape, it fits in your hand like a much smaller tape measure. To make the Ultimate ProTape even more comfortable, rubber grips cover the top and bottom of the case, and you can easily reach the locking button with your thumb.

To realize the oblong shape, US Tape uses inline gears to connect the separate tape and spring spools. This configuration also allows the tape to retract very smoothly.

ProTape Internals

The tape itself features easy to read 1/16″ divisions on the upper scale. As for the lower scale, you can choose from two versions: one with 1/32″ divisions and fractions every 1/8″, or a metric scale.

If you just have to own the Ultimate ProTape, you can buy it for about $13 to $20.

Ultimate ProTape
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One Response to U.S. Tape’s Ultimate ProTape

  1. ExtremeFramer says:

    Piece of crap. The spring tension is so high that when you release it, the tape SLAMS back into the housing so hard, it destroys the mechanism (DAMHIK).

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