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Earlier last summer we mentioned that this wrench system was handy to have around the shop — that hasn’t changed. In fact, in the time since then, we’ve never put ’em away. We carted around our XL pass-thru set to every automotive project we took on, and each time, it performed like the champ it is.

The pass-thru concept is simple enough — since the sockets and extensions are hollow, you can pass any sized bolt through the top of the socket and even through the extension and the wrench itself while you’re turning the nut. When you finally use one on your car, you smack yourself on the forehead and wonder how you ever lived without one.

We photographed the GearWrench set in its native environment, because that’s one of the highest compliments we can pay — we use it so much that we couldn’t think of putting it away. It almost permanently rides in the tool cart as shown, unless we need to take it on a mission of mercy to a friend’s garage for some action.

The XL pass-thru set is tough, sturdy, easy to interchange, and eternally handy. We’re not saying it’s the only set of socket wrenches you’ll ever need, but it’s a great investment if you plan to do any serious auto work.

Street pricing starts at $60.

23-Piece 3/8” XL Pass-Thru Ratchet Set [GearWrench]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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  1. TracyAllen says:

    It’s nice to have a different option in tight areas, the KD 3870 oil drain socket set like at http://www.denlorstools.com/ is a nice addition to the tool box as well.

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