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These days, most manufacturers make their tool belts out of split-grain leather or nylon. Though split-grain leather has a good weight and flexibility, it wears out quickly. Nylon, a more affordable material, can be very stiff. Occidental Leather makes tool belts from full-grain leather to provide a quality belt that will last for years of hard use.

For over 27 years Occidental has been making the Pro-Framer Belt.  The very durable full-grain leather lasts far longer than thinner split-grain leather because it’s made from the thick, exterior hide. The Pro-Framer isn’t just made from quality material, though. Occidental designs the belts bags with a practical layout and no-spill lips to prevent the contents from falling out when you’re moving around. The two bags provide 21 separate compartments. Unloaded the whole belt weights in at 5.4 lbs.

At about $165, the street pricing on this basic belt may seem high — but you aren’t just getting a quality belt. You’re also buying a product that’s made in the USA, from only USA materials. Occidental backs up their belts with lifetime warranties on all stitching and riveting, and they even make a version for left-handers.

Pro-Framer Belt Rig [Occidental Leather]
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2 Responses to Occidental Leather’s Tool Belt

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Good stuff, them belts. They make a wide variety of belts for most of the trades. Even leather tool bags, tool totes, and nailgun bags.

  2. We have been a proud distributor for Occidental Leather for many years. The customer feedback we have received from contractors has been amazing. We truly believe Occidental Leather to be the best tool belt system in the world!

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