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Big D Bolt and Tool is selling this DeWalt hammer drill for $240 — it’s one versatile tool. The 8A motor makes 2-1/2 ft-lbs of impact energy and operates in three modes: hammer-action drill mode for tough concrete/masonry drilling jobs; hammer-only mode for mortar chipping; and rotation-only mode for wood and metals, using an SDS-to-round shank adapter.

At 11-1/2″ in length and 6-1/2 lbs., its size and weight add to its versatility — it can work in some tight spots without arm fatigue. Another nice feature: a dust extraction connection on the hammer drill allows you to use DeWalt’s D25300D dust collection system with it. If you want to save another $60, Tool King is selling refurbished units for $170.

Three-Mode SDS Hammer [DeWalt]
Three-Mode SDS Hammer [Big D Bolt and Tool]
Refurb Three-Mode SDS Hammer [Tool King]
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One Response to Dealmonger: DeWalt 1″ L-Shape Three-Mode SDS Hammer $240

  1. Binky says:

    I had a bad experience with Big D Bolt & Tool and would not recommend buying through them.

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