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How many improvements can be made to the common prybar? Well, the GripBar, I think, adds a major one: the knuckle guard. Along with all the features you expect from a prybar — a curved shape for extra leverage and a U-shaped channel for nail removal — you can flip the prybar over and pound nails with the built-in hammer head.

For me, though, the clincher is the padded handle/knuckle guard — because grazed or bruised knuckles, even with gloves, come with the territory of demolition. The 18″ GripBar weighs in at 2-1/2 lbs., and you can get it at the Duluth Trading Company for $20.

GripBar [Tool Innovations Inc.]
GripBar [Duluth Trading Company]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: The GripBar $20

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Pushing on that handle looks like it would cause the bar to be more unstable, roll wise.

  2. Kieran says:

    I agree, the curve should be flipped and the main shaft padded, with the hammer head protuding past the knuckle guard. As it is this product would only end up with more smashed knuckles when using force and it twists, ramming your knuckles into whatever you’re prying.

  3. MetroDemo says:

    Well, I bought one and love it!
    The handle is actually a trapezoidal shape so gives you stability when gripping it. I haven’t had issues with it “rolling” as you suggested. I am a contractor and use it daily. It’s the only tool I need to bring on the roof for shingle repairs, and is great on my demo jobs, where there’s boards getting pry out, knocked loose, and nails pounded down.

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