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Think of the PSS100B as the Run DMC of Black & Decker’s “Power To Go” line, wrapping a big-ass SLA battery, a 120V inverter, LED lights, and an AM/FM digital radio all up in a package that Funkmaster Flex would’ve happily carried ’round. And don’t forget the MP3 player compartment — complete with an audio tap and a USB power source for charging.

Black & Decker claims the battery will provide up to 12 hours of runtime — though they don’t specify runtime of what. The speakers are 4″ woofers with 1″ tweeters, boosted by a bass enhancement system which you can turn off for listening to talk radio.

Bonus: if you have a Motorola RAZR or other USB-charging phone, this’ll provide the juice you need to keep talking. Super bonus: Amazon has this on sale for $80 right now.

Power To Go Power Supply/Digital Radio [Black & Decker]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


4 Responses to Black & Decker’s Do-Everything Battery Boom Box

  1. robert G says:

    From the Tech spec section on the B&D site:
    Run-Time – *For radio and MP3 players at 75% volume hrs

  2. PutnamEco says:

    I wonder if that REALLY is a digital radio (as in HD) or just has a digital display.

    From the radio wars over on the other forums:

    What no CD player? (Like Bosch)
    Can it charge tool batteries? (Like Dewalt)

  3. This looks like a step up from my previous-generation B&D battery box, which has a weatheradio but just a mono speaker, and no provision for using the speaker with an external audio input. Nice find!

  4. BizTerp says:

    CD’s!? Who listens to CD’s anymore? 🙂

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