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We’ve written numerous times about the art of pulling dash and other modern plastic interior pieces. But no amount of care will prevent damage if you don’t have the right tools. Here’s your chance to stock up in one shot: Eastwood’s 10-piece nylon pry tool set.

Eastwood claims this set was originally designed for an OE vehicle manufacturer, and includes ten various pry tools, all made of glass-filled nylon. However, they claim that three of the tools are slightly softer than the rest — perfect for applying additional pressure without risking your expensive plastic panels.

Speaking from first-hand experience in the Toolmonger shop, you need a set like this if you’re planning to tackle any serious interior or stereo work. Without ’em you’re sure to find yourself trying out a screwdriver or other metallic object instead — with consequences ranging from living with a big-ass scratch to spending more than the cost of your new stereo replacing damaged panels.

This certainly isn’t the only set available — and at $40, it’s not the cheapest. But I like the fact that Eastwood packs in such a variety of tools that you’re likely to find one that’ll make any particular interior job much easier. That’s a win in my book.

10-Piece Nylon Pry Tool Kit [Eastwood Co.]


5 Responses to Stock Up (And Save Your Dash) With This Nylon Pry Tool Set

  1. James says:

    I just mask the screwdriver with a layer or two of electrical tape (if I still care about the car)

  2. Eric says:

    harborfreight used to sell them, sure they might break after a while but how many times do you really need to remove that door panel

  3. Tracy Allen says:

    The nylon pry tool set is good for some applications like small easy to scratch trim pieces around radios and shifters, but nylon doesn’t completely take the place of stronger less flexible interior trim tools like the VIMDT6200 at http://www.denlorstools.com/

  4. Rob Smelt says:

    The Harbor Freight set is a shoddy soft black plastic copy of Bojo originals which they have made in Armenia.

    Eastwood are correct that Bojo tools were originally developed for (and are still being developed for) an O.E. manufacturer – that manufacturer is Toyota. Bojo customers now include some of the top names in the auto and aerospace industries. Bojo are now using a specially developed engineering plastic which is as tough as brass and the Bojo range includes much larger and tougher tools than are used just for removing pieces of trim and the toughness differential between the plastic tools and all metal ones is diminishing year on year. Bojo have a motto which might be worth remembering – ‘Better in plastic, BEST by Bojo’

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