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Veritas Square Fence

Do you ever feel like your carpenter’s square isn’t the precision instrument it could be? It won’t work well on materials with profiled edges, and sometimes you feel like you need three hands to use it. The Veritas square fence can solve these problems. You can attach it to either leg of your carpenter’s square, and now, because the square is resting on the workpiece, it doesn’t need to be supported.

Made in Canada, this 8″ anodized aluminum fence features a 1/4″ face that allows you to mark thinner material on a flat surface — and if you flip the fence over the 1″ face is great for profiled edges. The fence clamps to the square with two brass screws that won’t scratch up your carpenter’s square.

You can get the Veritas square fence for around $20.

Veritas Square Fence
[Lee Valley]
Veritas Square Fence [McFEELY’S]


3 Responses to A Fence For Your Carpenter’s Square

  1. Jason says:

    I have one of these at work, I don’t use it often but am always glad it’s there when I need it.

  2. Wild Bill says:

    Why in the heck hasn’t someone thought of this before? The simplest things are often the most brilliant!

  3. Anatoly says:

    It is very useful for us…Eventhough I don’t use it often.But it helps me a lot..

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