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Porter Cable’s new Omnijig joinery system looks like a great way to cut dovetail joints like a pro. They’re offering two versions: a 16″ featuring a fixed-width template, and a 24″ model with infinitely adjustable fingers. Both models feature a built-in router depth setting system (pictured, on top) and a front stabilizer bar designed to steady your router while deflecting chips downward onto the floor — or into your dust collection system via an optional dust shroud.

The 16″ model is capable of cutting single-pass half-blind and through dovetail joints, and it requires slightly less adjustment and maintenance than the 24″ model. Interestingly, Porter Cable offers a 24″ version of the fixed-width jig for the larger model, and a 16″ version of the adjustable one for the small model — meaning that by selecting the proper options, you can have any feature set in either size.

Both models are designed for clamp or permanent mounting, and come pre-assembled. (If you’ve ever put together a cheap-o jig, you’ll realize what a boon this is. Even kids’ toys assembled on Christmas Eve don’t have this many little difficult-to-understand parts.)

Following the “keep it simple” theme, both Omnijigs ship with a manual and an instructional DVD to get you started. And once you’ve lost the manual and DVD, you can still refer to a basic instruction set printed in color on the front of the stabilizer bar.

Though it’s still listed as a “no release date set” pre-order on most tool sites, the 24″ Omnijig should clock in at around $550 — and a bit less for the 16″, which we can’t find as of yet. That’s not a bad deal for what appears to be a well-designed and thoroughly feature-laden jig.

The Omnijig [Porter Cable]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


2 Responses to One Seriously Adjustable Joinery Jig

  1. robdew says:

    This is more expensive than a Leigh D4R. I wonder what PC thinks they did better?

  2. AZ_Engineer says:

    The 24″ is a shameless clone of the Leigh dovetail jig. Interestingly, this on carries a list price higher then the Leigh jig, but street pricing may put them at parity

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