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Magneto Tape Measure Holder

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you should know that Magneto is the mutant foe of the X-Men who has the power to control magnetism. A similarly named tool uses the power of magnetism to hold your tape measure to your belt — making it easier to remove and replace than the standard tape measure clip.

The polycarbonate Magneto clips to your belt like a tape measure would. You remove the clip on the tape measure and replace it with the included adapter plate. Once it’s on the tape measure, the adapter plate locks into the Magneto with an audible click, so you know it’s secure. The magnet is recessed into the plastic to help prevent the tape measure from getting knocked off accidentally.

The Magneto magnetic tape holder runs about $13. If you need an extra adapter plate it’ll only run you an extra $3.

Magneto [Corporate Site]
Magneto [Hartville Tools]
Magneto [McFEELY’S]
Extra Plate [McFEELY’s]


19 Responses to The Power Of Magneto Is Yours

  1. Lew says:

    Stay away from this item! I bought this with high hopes and it fails miserably.

    The metal adapter plate (you replace your clip with) does not stay on your tape measure. This metal adapter plate has double tape on it to adhere the plate to your tape measure. A typical clip screw on the tape measure are small and not long or big enough to affix the metal plate properly to your tape measure.

    After a few attempts of taking the tape measure (with metal plate) off the magnet, the metal plate stays on the magnet and you are left with your tape measure with double tape on it. This is because the [magnet-plate] bond is MUCH stronger than the [plate-tape measure] bond.

    So, back went my clip onto my tape measure and tape measure back into my tool belt.

  2. Frank Townend says:

    Interesting Lew, the McFeely’s site says “An adapter plate you install on your tape measure with just a screwdriver that holds the tape to the belt clip with a powerful magnet.” And the photo show the adapter plate with a screw in the center of it.


  3. You can see the screw in the center of the adapter plate on the picture above. Not to say the manufacturer hasn’t changed the way they do something and not changed their information. That would never happen 🙂

    Lew I’m disappointed that you just gave up. You should have taken off the tape they gave you and used something like 3M’s VHB tape.


    Back at the company I used to work for, I got a sample of VHB double-sided tape from a vendor. I learned that you’d better get stuff aligned right the first time — ’cause there ain’t no pulling it apart to do it again.

    I’ve had pretty good luck with some double sided tape I got from the hardware store too. I just alway make sure to prepare the surfaces before I use it.

  4. Lew says:

    So, I went to my shop and dug out this product. The hole in the middle of the metal adapter plate is just too big for any one of the screws on any of my 25′ carpenter tape measures (Stanley, Lee Valley, or Fastcap). I rechecked them all. The plate is also thicker than any of the clips, so after I took out a few of the clip screws, I found that even if the hole dimension were correct, the screws are not long enough to hold the metal plate.

    Now we are back to the tape they provide on the metal plate – it is just not strong enough. If you are doing any sort of real renovation, you are constantly using your tape measure. The two faced tape failed in less than a day on the job. Sure, I could have used liquid nails or spot welded the metal plate to one of my tape measures, but that is not what I was sold. So, I just chalked it up to a whimsical product that was not helpful, just worthless.

    Save your money and time and ignore this product.

  5. Lew, thanks for your insight on the Magneto

    Obviously this is one case where the manufacturer’s description and reality diverge quite a bit. It’s somewhat disappointing, because this looked like a good idea. The other solutions like the Magtite come with their own tape measure. I’d really rather use my own.

    I’m still wonder about using some better tape, or a little hacking of the adapter to attach it better, maybe I’ll have to put my money where my mouth is and do a little product testing.

  6. Lew says:

    This magnet-type solution looked so promising too. What I am trying to do now is see if I can find/create a ‘Bigg Lugg bungee – tape measure holder’ combo.

    If you have not tried the Bigg Lugg product – it is a real winner.


  7. Mel E. says:

    Tried one of these years ago. It was a great if you liked to see your tape laying on the ground. Any amount of sudden movement seemed to send the tape flying. Might be ok in a shop situation, but was a real pita on a work-site.

  8. PutnamEco says:

    I’ve never really had a problem just clipping my ruler to the corner of my pocket or if I’m using it constantly just dropping it in the nail pouch on my tool belt. I’m assuming this magnet thing is for some one not wearing a tool belt. If that where the case some nail aprons have a pocket for a tape measure or you could get a dedicated leather belt pouch.

    tape pockets

    nail aprons
    $$$ http://www.zemskys.com/carhartt/nail-apron.htm
    ¢¢¢ http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1285957

    some lumberyards even give them away for free.

    I’ve been known to take the clip off of a slim 10′ tape measure and just drop it in my pocket.

  9. Richard says:

    I have had this product for years. Switched it from tape to tape when they have worn out. Never had trouble with screw in center. Replaced double sided tape with my own after first tape replacement. The magnet is very strong. There are cheaper versions at HD and Lowe’s. They are OK but this Dietz is the best. I have literally climbed thousands of roofs and the tape has never fallen off.

  10. Brian says:

    This tape clip is the greatest. I bought it back in 02 and I still use it all the time. Th hole where the screw went stripped out in back of the tape measure. So I took a 5/8 blum cabinet screw and pit it in the center and it works great. Highly recommend this product. I bought this product for my brother and father and they love it. Thanks

  11. Chris says:

    I had a version made by the same company that makes the GatorGrip sockets. I had the same tape failure and incorrect screw size problem. So I put a bigger screw in. And used it for years and loved it. Now I don’t need to wear one on my belt. But if you can fix the screw problem, it works.

  12. Tim says:

    Ive had this product (the same one) for 20 years and its still is going strong,Ive had probablly 8 or 10 tapes replaced to it,I tried the stanley version of the magneto and it sucks miserablly,Im getting all my friends the magneto and all my enemies the stanley version.

  13. Randy says:

    I have used this product for 15 years at least. It is a great product. Yes you may have to use a different screw but that is no big deal. I have 3 of them every tape I own has it. I have gone through 5 tape measures with it. I have never had the tape fall off. and it is so wonderful to grab your tape and snap it off measure and without even looking down just snap it back on It works so slick. I refuse to carry a tape without it.

  14. Gus says:

    this is a great product a slighty bigger screw and a bit of glue ant you cant go wrong im in the hardware industry a are desperatly looking for another had one years ago and gave it to a friend now i am back in the hardware industry i want one but cant find it 🙁

  15. Gus says:

    please help me find another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. jesse says:

    I have used this product forever and I love it but thr first one I ever had the tapemeasure had the magnet on it and it had a lot stronger hold. anyone know where to find this version of the magneto clip made by the dietz company.please reply

  17. Dan says:

    Had mine for years.you cant have it back love it.

  18. Chris says:

    I used to use the sears craftsman version of this years ago and their tape measures (back in the 90’s, when they had lifetime warranty replacement on their tapes). Then all of a sudden they stopped carrying them and I HATE to clip a tape measure to my side with the clip and hate even more to have a “pouch” for them. I’m a trim carpenter and on the job and in my shop I have over 5-8 tapes floating around at any given time. I don’t know why I never decided to google if another company made one, but I just ordered 3 of them with 5 replacement magnets and I PRAY they are as good as the reviews say. I miss it SOOOO much!!!! I’ll leave another reply when I get mine.

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