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I’m a big fan of the folding type of utility knife that Superknife is known for. If you’re hard on knives or don’t want to worry about losing a family heirloom, they’re great knives to keep in your pocket — however the standard utility knife blade isn’t exactly a precision instrument. Fortunately, Superknife offers a smaller exact…..I mean folding hobby blade knife for those who often need to make finer cuts.

The Hobby Superknife takes common #11 hobby blades, held in place by a Phillips set screw. It lacks the one button quick-change blade that larger Superknives feature.


Folded, the knife measures just 2-3/4″, and open it’s 3-3/4″ — a compact little hobby cutter. It offers one big safety plus over a traditional hobby knife: instead of having to keep up with a plastic blade cap, you can always make the blade safe simply by folding it.

You can get the Hobby Superknife, in red, blue, silver, or black, for less than $10.

Hobby Superknife [Superknives.com]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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