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The Rotary Chisel

Next time you really want to remove some material, pick up a rotary chisel from Creative Technologies. They claim these high-speed rotary chisels “will remove material faster and cleaner than anything currently available.” Besides chucking them into your dremel you also can use the cutters in rotary woodcarving tools and high-speed die grinders.

These solid carbide rotary chisels stay sharp longer than other high-speed steel cutters, and the self-cleaning cutting edge won’t clog. The rotary chisel will chew through hardwoods, marble, limestone, plastics, ivory, antler, gold, silver, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and more. As one retailer puts it, “This tool will remove almost any material that it touches, INCLUDING FLESH & BONE! – BE CAREFUL!”

The rotary cutters are available in four different profiles:
Cutter Profiles
Creative Technologies offers the rotary chisels with 1/4″ or 1/8″ shanks in many cutting depths and widths. One of these cutters will run you $18 to $65 depending on how big of a bite you want to take out of the material at one time.

Rotary Chisels
[Creative Technologies]
Selection of Rotary Chisels [What’s This?] [Amazon]


2 Responses to Remove Almost Any Material With A Rotary Chisel

  1. almozahf says:

    i need image PLUMBER wood CARVING

  2. M. Harper says:

    Where would I be able to find me a rotary chisel?
    Home Depot? Lowes? How much do they go for?

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