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Our friends over at W.R. Case took some time out of their schedule at the 30th annual SHOT show in Las Vegas to chat with us about the upcoming year and some of the new additions in the Case lineup.

Manning the front lines at Case’s SHOT show booth was John Sullivan who was stoked to tell us about case’s newest knife pattern, the Sway Back Jack. John tells us this is a completely new pattern designed in collaboration with Case and custom knife maker, Tony Bose — his fourth new blade pattern designed for the Case lineup.

The Sway Back Jack measures 3-1/5” when closed and weighs two ounces. It features a Wharncliffe blade and a smaller Pen blade, both made of surgical steel. Other features include nickel-silver end bolsters and a Case oval script shield.

The first editions of the Sway Back Jack, in Genuine Stag and “Pocket Worn” Bermuda Green Bone, will be shipped to dealers beginning in June, so keep an eye out for dealers to start stocking them in the summer.


The Pocket Worn Bermuda Green Family also debuts this year. Case says the color is meant to emulate the hues and shades you might find on a lush, tropical island. They’re hand-finished to give them the smooth, comfortable feel the Pocket Worn line is known for.

Case will offer nine patterns in Bermuda Green: Trapper, Small Texas Toothpick, Tiny Muskrat, Medium Stockman, Peanut, Medium Congress, Mini CopperLock, Saddlehorn, and Slimline Trapper. When we get some pics of this line, we’ll be sure to pass ’em on.

It looks like 2008 will be a good year for knives, if this latest offering is any indication.

2008 Catalog [W.R. Case]


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  1. Rob says:

    You didn’t happen to catch what the blade steel was in those Sway Back Jacks did you? Tony Bose makes an awesome knife, I’d like to think it carries over into his collaborations.

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