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40 Piece Set

GearWrench, well known for their ratcheting wrenches, also offers a nice line of configurable screwdrivers. Instead of just selecting the proper bit for a fastening task, you can choose which shaft and handle to use as well. GearWrench’s screwdriver handles also feature ratcheting mechanisms, which make these drivers even more appealing.

With the 40 piece set pictured above, you get an assortment of three handles, seven adapters and shafts, and a 30 piece bit assortment. Although the average street price of $55 seems high, the three ratcheting handles account for much of the cost.

56 Piece Set

56 Piece Set

Sear offers a more economical alternative, a 56 piece set available for $35. This set includes two handles, four shafts, and an assortment of bits and sockets.

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2 Responses to GearWrench Ratcheting Driver

  1. eschoendorff says:

    I have the 56 piece set and I like it. It will not replace my Snap on ratcheting screwdriver, but it is a hell of a lot better than most other ratcheting screwdrivers out there.

  2. Guy says:

    Lowes also has a similar set that is made by GearWrench under thier Kobalt brand. Nice because they have a lifetime guarantee. I have a Gearwrench branded set and I use them alot. Nice thing is that the shafts also work with the Snap On handles. In this case you can have the best of both worlds. Having the different size shafts is huge. The long one comes in very handy, particularly if you are working on something overhead.

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