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A few months ago we mentioned Elmer’s new stainable wood glue with the intent of going to get some and testing it out. After using a few tubes we can tell you that it’s not perfect, but it does work okay.

We glued up quite a few projects with it, some of which you’ll see on Toolmonger in the future, and we can say that the stainable glue does accept Danish oil pretty well — but it leaves much to be desired with oil-based stains like Minwax, and it hardly discolors at all with light, oak-colored, water-based products.

It does, however, seem to perform the same as regular wood glue in every other regard, such as set times, initial stick properties, and strength after dry. All in all, we’d rather use it than not — at least we have a chance of hiding excess glue. That said, being careful and sanding thoroughly is still your best bet.

Street pricing starts at $3 for a 16 oz. tube.

Stainable Wood Glue [Elmer’s]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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  1. elmegil says:

    Easiest way to find unwanted glue: wipe it with mineral spirits.

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