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If you’re looking for a good starter lathe at a good buy-in price Woodcraft is offering a normally $320 lathe for $200. The Record Power Woodturning Lathe (DML 24X/C model) features a grey iron headstock, two shielded ball bearings supporting the main drive spindle that is ground to a tolerance of .0003″ and pressed into bearings.

It’s a ½ horsepower unit with 24” between the centers and a Poly-V Belt drive drive system that produces spindle speeds of 540, 1140, 2440 rpm. It looks like a good system to try if you don’t want to dive into the huge cost of a full sized unit.

DML 24X/C [Record Power]
Record Power Woodturning Lathe DML 24x/c [Woodcraft]


5 Responses to Dealmonger: DML 24X/C Woodturning Lathe $200

  1. Jason says:

    The website claims that this is a good lathe for the “intermediate woodturner”. They must be joking. For $250 on Amazon you can buy a Jet Mini with a 10′ swing and 6 speeds. The Jet can be extended to to a 20′ bed and when you inevitably decide to upgrade, it will at least have some resale value.

  2. Jason says:

    For $250 you can buy a Jet mini from amazon.com. The Jet has a 10′ inch swing and the bed can be extended to 20′. It also has 6 speeds. Beyond that, when you inevitably decide to upgrade to a full sized lathe, it will will have some resale value.

  3. Jason says:


  4. PutnamEco says:

    I think (if I was in the market for a mini) I would go for the Rikon mini lathe
    12 inch swing on 16 inch center with an extensible bed.

  5. Dan Kitchen says:

    I have the a Jet mini and a slightly larger version of this Record (the CL3x48). The Jet Mini’s are great, but if you get into bigger spindle turning the extra length of the Record is what you are looking for. I’ve found the finish of the bearings, rails, and castings to good quality. Considering the my experience with Record’s product, the extra size, and this deal I would say that its a good deal. If you want to take the Jet Mini up to 40 inches between centers you need to by the extension for another $150. $400 for a mini lathe with 40 in centers, or $200 for a lathe with 24 in centers?

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