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Though handy to have around the shop, disposable blades present a danger long after they’re useful. If you’ve ever found out the hard way that someone tossed out a used razor blade, you know what I mean. Instead of tossing sharps out in the normal trash, you can store ’em safely in OLFA’s DC-4 Blade Safety Case until they can be properly disposed of.

You open the DC-4’s blade slot by pressing down on the case. After you’ve placed or snapped off a blade in the slot, the slot closes automatically, so you can keep the case in a pocket or toolbox without fear of loose blades. When it’s time to dispose of the blades, you just separate the two halves of the case by removing a single screw. Street pricing is about $5.

DC-4 Blade Disposal Case [OLFA]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


9 Responses to Sharp Things Are Dangerous — Dispose Of Them Properly!

  1. I just use old prescription bottles. The child proof caps prevent them from accidentally opening — or from curious little hands.

  2. MikeT says:

    I fold a bit of tape over the whole thing, and that seems to work pretty well.

  3. PeterP says:

    Seems like a good use for an empty Altoids tin, and maybe some safety orange spray paint.

  4. Frank Townend says:

    I’m with Benjamen on the prescription bottles. In most places they can’t be recycled because of the possibility of added chemicals to the water supply. I just make sure I color the bottle with a shot of fluorescent paint and keep them away from the medicines “in use”. Oh… I’ll add this must be the good thing about getting older; more prescriptions, more empty bottles.

  5. ToolFreak says:

    If you go through blades so fast that you have a need to store the used ones, simply keeping the old 5/25/50/100/200 pack plastic blade dispenser they come in works great. They make these for all types of blades, so putting the used ones in a dispenser lets you just mark it with a sharpie as “old”, then throw it in a can, or even the garbage.

  6. melvin says:

    I store used blades in a clear 2L pop bottle. I cut a 1″ slot in the bottle near the top to drop the blades in. And then I screwed right thru the bottle and into the wall next to my first aid kit with a couple wood screws. I figure by the time I get the bottle filled up my kids can just pull it off the wall and then remove the screws.

  7. Ryan says:

    I would make one of the user recommended canisters before I bought this doohickey. I do not go through blades very quickly so I either throw the blade directly into the dumpster or I hammer and embed it completely into a truss or scrap peice of lumber I know for a fact is not going to get sawn or nailed.

  8. DEX says:

    If you guys are going through blades pretty quickly, I’d be curious to know whether you’re using American-made blades from American steel or cheapo imports? I ask because I just switched to American-made blades (Master Mechanic brand) in my shop, because all my people were going through blades quicker than I wanted to pay to buy more. We’ll see if it makes a difference.

  9. Cameron says:

    I use a Tootsie Roll piggybank from the dollar store. The bonus is getting to enjoy the delicious candy first!

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