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Stanley’s Mobile Work Station adds a few features to the increasingly common two-wheeled toolbox. You don’t unstack this work station like other rolling toolboxes — this one slides out on ball-bearing glides to reveal four different storage solutions: a portable tote, a toolbox, parts storage, and a large bin for heavy items.

When all the levels are stowed, you can use the top as a work surface. And when you’re ready to move on, the handle telescopes out to make it easier to roll away on its seven inch wheels.

All in all, it makes a nice package for quick access and easy views of your parts. With a street price of $80 the Mobile Work Station could make a good on-the-go storage solution.

NOTE: I noticed that the Mobile Work Station is 29″ high, and the recently featured Mobile Project Center is 33″ high. If only they were the same height, they could double as a pair of saw horses.

4-in-1 Work Station [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to FatMax Mobile Work Station

  1. Eric says:

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for myself, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I was getting ready to do a prototype store-fixture installation for my company, and realized that in addition to my open-top tool tote, and a bucket of hardware, I would also need a bunch of power tools. Instead of trying to stack all this stuff together, I decided to see if there was anything out there that I could put it all together – and I found this. It was very easy to load and keep organzied, and the molded-in handles on the sides of the lower bin make it easy to lift in and out of my SUV. The latches close securely, and the unit locks in both the stacked and expanded positions. The lower bin was big enough for a cordless drill, cordless reciprocating saw, extra batteries, chargers, and the large bin of hardware. Everything I needed for the installation was in one place, and easy to move around. And when I got to the site, the sliding compartment setup made it very easy to get to anything I needed during the install.

  2. Justa Company Comment says:

    Not available in a store in my state AND no useful dimensions provided online = no sale… yet. I’m trying email to Stanley attempting the psychic connection that I’d like to some store specific things.

  3. Bob Rojas says:

    I do tenant improvement work on multiple story buildings and have used this toolbox for about a little over a year. First one lasted about one year, second lasted about three weeks before the wheel locks broke that secure the box while moving and unlock to gain access to lower box. Plastic is flimsy and wears down fast.

  4. Susan Brown says:

    Too bad this doesn’t come in cool colors for us girls. Two ladies at a Scrapbook Crop had one of these and I have to have one for my crafs.

  5. Michelle Willis says:

    My husband bought this for me to hols “some” of my crafting tools, I have taken it everywhere, i.e.: Craft shows, Camping, Family Reunions, everywhere I will be able to make time to work on my crafts. Now I need another just like it for another project!!
    I Love my FatMax!!

  6. William Lyle says:

    Yes it’s a great unit very light, is there anybody out there can help me, the locking tag of the draws on my unit broke in half, can I buy it as spare part. William

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