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Pegmate Hook Holders

I don’t mean to start another pegboard war here — I only want to show the pegboard proponents a relatively low-cost solution to the hook pull-out problem. You could just snap little plastic clips into the pegboard to hold the hooks in place, a popular solution that works reasonably well — but Pegmate hook holders present a cost-effective and more professional looking alternative.

The Pegmate all-steel, two-piece clips fit both 1/8″ and 1/4″ pegboard hooks. With these removable and reusable clips, you can reposition hooks without damaging the pegboard, the hook, or the Pegmate clip itself.

A 50 pack of Pegmate hook holders runs about $9. Note: This buys only the clips, not the pegboard hooks.

Pegmate Hook Holders
[Hartville Tool]


7 Responses to Prevent Pegboard Pull-Out With Pegmate

  1. Ted says:

    I secure my pegs with a squirt from my hot-glue gun.
    Just a little bit in the hole keeps them from popping out.

  2. Zathrus says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever had any issues with tear out on my pegboard — even with heavy things like a FUBAR 3 or an electric (corded) string trimmer.

    A lot of my tools are in tool bags/boxes, but for stuff I work with on my workbench I like having them up on the pegboard.

  3. Zathrus, I don’t really consider tear out and pull out the same thing. I would define tear out as the hooks physically damaging the pegboard –either by too much weight or yanking tools off.

    What I meant by pull-out is that annoying tendency of for pegboard hooks to come out of their holes when removing tools. In the worst case you have to replace the hook in the hole before you can rehang the tool, the best case is you lift the tool off very carefully to prevent it.

    I have noticed pull-out happens much less frequently in 1/4″ vs 1/8″ pegboard. The 1/4″ pegboard hooks seem to fit more snugly into the holes.

    The only place I talked about damage was in moving the pegboard hooks. I have had the experience that removing the little plastic keepers can damage the pegboard holes.

  4. Eeyore says:

    Can somebody please post a link to the “pegboard war”?

  5. It first started in a HOT or NOT Feb 3rd 2007


    Then what you probably didn’t find by searching was a second post about alligator board a couple of days later where some stronger opinions were expressed.


    Well in hindsight it really I guess I took a little artistic license by calling it a war. All I remember was that I was one of the casualties

  6. Zathrus says:

    Benjamen — ah, got you; yeah, the little plastic anchors prevent that, but they don’t fit the 1/4″ pieces very well at all. This looks like a nice solution for that (and it does look better, as you note).

    Honestly, the guy that jumped all over you on that Alligator board post was just a jerk, plain and simple. I’ve used pegboard for a decade or so and the only time I’ve ever had to pick a hook up off the floor was when I dropped it before putting it in the pegboard (and the few I found, weirdly, in the backyard of my current house).

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