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You may notice that my Hobart welding gloves, pictured above, look like they’ve been through hell. That’s because that’s exactly where I put them (instead of my bare hands) damn near every time I use ’em. I’ve burned ’em, ground ’em, scuffed ’em, and otherwise treated ’em like crap for a year now, and they’re still just as protective and comfy as the second week I wore ’em. Read on past the jump to find out why they’re one of our favorite tools of 2007.

Don’t let the white leather fool you — these gloves are tough. When we first tested a set as welding gloves, we fell in love with their incredible fit. They offer far more dexterity than other welding gloves we’d tried, with increased heat protection to boot. We liked ’em so much that we bought another set so Sean and I both had one.

But as we continued to wear ’em, they just got better. They molded to fit our hands. And we began using them for more than just welding. I wear ’em almost exclusively when fabricating, because they’re flexible enough for everything except writing, and I don’t have to worry about what’s hot and what’s not. They’re also great for grinding. Though I wouldn’t recommend you do this, I often make quick adjustments by holding a piece of square tubing with my gloved hand just inches from a spinning angle grinder with a flap disc. I’ve slipped numerous times, but the only results are a scuff on the glove. Plus you don’t have to worry about heat generated by grinding.

Obviously they’re great for welding, too. Anyone who’s been under the gun fabricating has asked a friend to hold something in place while you tack it. It’s easy to just cup your gloved hand inches around the tack to protect your assistant. Even with a large tack, the gloves just get slightly warm.

Words don’t do these gloves justice. You’ll just have to wear a set for a couple hundred hours like I have. You’ll be a fan, too.

Oh, and did we mention that they’re inexpensive, too. That’s a Toolmonger tool. Street pricing starts around $25. Our advice: buy two.

Premium Form-Fitting Welding Gloves [Hobart]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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