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Hex Adapter For Yankee Screwdrivers

Your Yankee screwdriver sits in the drawer collecting dust. You’d use it more, but it’s missing most of the special bits. Buying a new one is expensive, and so is buying the bits — if you can actually find someplace that sells them separately. There’s another option: head on over to Lee Valley Tools and spend $6 to make your Yankee screwdriver more versatile than ever with a hex adapter.

The hex adapter accepts 1/4″ hex bits, which includes many drill bits. The collar slides back to insert a bit and forward to lock it into place. The built-in rare-earth magnet holds ferrous screws for easy one hand operation.

Lee Valley sells three different hex adapters made to fit common Yankee screwdrivers: a 7/32″ (5.5mm) shaft adapter, a 9/32″ (7mm) shaft adapter, and a 5/16″ (8mm) shaft adapter. Now you can take that old Yankee screwdriver out of the drawer and put it to good use again.

Hex Adapter [Lee Valley]


7 Responses to Hex Adapter For Yankee Screwdrivers

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Cool, accessories for the original cordles screwdriver.

  2. Fred says:

    Yankee screwdrivers are still very popular with the Amish and others who deem not to use power tools for religious reasons. I heard that these adapters were invented by a member of that community.

  3. Dink says:

    Also Robert Schroder…who manufacturers Yankee Screwdrivers out of Germany also makes a adapter

  4. Dink, I saw that one too at the Traditional Woodworker when I was doing research on this post, but it’s 3X more expensive. Maybe it’s engineered better with less play.

  5. Fred B says:

    I think a couple of places sell different versions of this, I got ones for my two sizes of Yankee’s from McFeely’s, they work great if you can’t find a yankee bit in the size or type you need.

  6. Alfred says:

    wich adapter works with the Yankee dril 41?

  7. dave says:

    which size will replace a yankee 33013

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