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“Bluebird Wax Stranger” isn’t some strange news headline from The Onion, but rather the name of a pocket-sized multi-tool from the attitude-laden snowboard accessory company Bluebird Wax. Okay, so it’s only four screwdriver tips (two Phillips, two flathead) that hook up to a fancy-blue ratcheting handle — but it retails for about half of most other ratcheting multi-screwdrivers. Check out the gnarly pitch from the folks at Backcountry.com:

Don’t let a loose screw or poorly adjusted binding ruin your day snowboarding. Be prepared with the Bluebird Wax Stranger Pocket Tool. You hardly notice this small ratcheting screwdriver in your pocket, and its Phillips and flat-head screwdriver bits fit about any binding out there. When your friend says “Dude, I think my binding is loose,” hit him with the Stranger Pocket Tool and get back to riding.

So, for half the cash you can keep your ride in good condition and help the less driven on the slopes — but I’d bet on this one being handy in the shop, too. Dude.

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