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There probably isn’t an angle this saw can’t reach — and with Tools-Plus selling it for $188, there are probably very few reasons for me not owning one right now. This Porter Cable “Tiger Claw” variable angle reciprocating saw boasts 180 degrees of adjustability on the rear gear housing and 360 degrees on the front housing. Both gear housings adjust smoothly on ball bearings, with 13 position stops in the rear and 12 positions in the front — that should just about cover every conceivable angle.

An 11.5A variable 0-2900 SPM motor powers the saw, which has a cutting stroke of 1-1/4″. A detachable “Quik-Change” front shoe, to utilize more teeth in the cutting action, and “Quik-Change” keyless blades make this saw truly variable.  You also get blades, a heavy-duty case, and a one year limited warranty.

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One Response to Dealmonger: Porter Cable “Tiger Claw” Variable Angle Reciprocating Saw $188

  1. Rick Bell says:

    I’ve been working as a framing carpenter for nearly thirty years. Could have used this tool a million times to fix my mistakes, especially when I was younger.

    I purchased one when they first came out and really like the ability to tilt the blade to a more comfortable cutting position, even when its not really needed.

    They say you don’t need a Sawzall to frame a new house, then why do all house framing contractors have one in their truck.

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