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What happens to our feathered friends in the icy winter months? They freeze their tails off like everyone else! But now you can give them a haven right in your backyard — and liven up the drab winter landscape at the same time. API (Allied Precision) makes a 20″ heated bird bath (read: hot tub) that’ll keep water from freezing in outdoor temperatures down to -20 F.

With the included hardware, you can attach the plastic basin to a separate stone or plastic pedestal, or to a wooden railing up to a foot wide. Since a fresh water supply in the winter is vital to the chilly critters’ survival, you can keep the birds coming back all year by providing the H20. Next DIY: Installing bubble jets.

Bird Bath [Allied Precision]
Bird Bath Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]
Mounting Bracket Via Amazon
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2 Responses to Bird Jacuzzi Livens Up Your Winter Yard

  1. Brau says:

    It’s a good idea, but the dish is too slippery and deep. The bowl should be shallow and not glazed as the birds can slip in, can’t get out, and drown or freeze due to getting too wet. Placing some rocks in the bowl can help.

  2. Thomas Scheuzger says:

    The bowl IS shallow, has a rough textured finish so it’s very non-slip. I’ve had mine for close to four years now and the only issues I’ve had are the included bracket (wimpy). I drilled some holes in the bracket so that I can screw the bracket directly to the deck rail, now it stays put. All manner of critters love it. We’ve even seen up to FIVE baby raccoons in it at night, and if they all bunch up on the outside edge, their weight is enough to tip the thing up, launching the hapless critters below followed by a invigorating shower… 😉

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