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I don’t really have anything against Billy Mays. His commercials and infomercial stylings will one day be the stuff of legend and myth – as advertising will surely be beamed into our brains in the future. But until then Billy has got to shout louder and smile bigger than everyone else, all while giving you a ball-busting deal on his latest product.

I would like to say that if I had a crap-ton of Zorbee’s to hock that I might find a quieter, more dignified way to go about it, but all things considered, brute force might actually work pretty well. Billy gets into every living room at least 20 times a day and more on the weekends. After a while it seems pretty normal to see his grinning mug smiling back at you.

Somewhere between reruns of Gilligan’s Island and History’s Mysteries, a loud, cheerful dude tries to help you furnish your living room with the Hercules Hook or clean that nasty stain in the hallway. No one else is trying to help you figure this crap out at 3 in the morning — they’re all sleeping. Maybe you do need some Mighty Putty. That would make life better. He’s a crafty one, that Mr. Mays.

All we’re saying is beware of salesmen that don’t blink and seem to point at you more than twice in a 10 second span of time.

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46 Responses to Editorial: The Billy Mays Effect

  1. Chris says:

    Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure you could buy an epoxy putty like Mighty Putty for less money. Anyone come across some high-strength, high-quality epoxy putty that’s a good price? Or is Mighty Putty really that good?


  2. Dan says:

    Everyone’s favorite welder sells some…


  3. Mike P. says:

    The guy drives me BATTY!
    I’ve been known to dive across another person to reach the mute button!

  4. Mel says:

    Mike P. – Seconded! I have decided I WILL NOT buy anything he advertises even if it looks useful. I do not like to be yelled at.

  5. Lee Gibson says:

    That dude makes me stabby.

  6. DocN says:

    The problem is, most of what he advertises is junk. Some is at least functional (OxyClean is supposed to be at least a decent, if overpriced, detergent) but much of it, like the “dent removal” kits, are complete junk.

    And of the useful stuff, like the putty or cleaners, better versions are available, usually for much less, at most grocery stores or reasonably well stocked hardware stores.

    As a marketing scheme it’s quite successful, no doubt about that. But they’re hawking cheap Chinese import crap on the clueless, and I find that at least mildly reprehensible.


  7. Chris says:

    I pretty much agree with comments 3-6, although I will put in a good word for the Kaboom NeverScrub. There’s another product on the market that’s very similar, but it’s more expensive and isn’t any better. I use a NeverScrub in both the toilets at home and it really does a good job. I wouldn’t exactly call it “Never” Scrub, but definitely “Only-Very-Occasional” Scrub, and that’s better than the alternative, which is “Every Two Days” Scrub, and I’m just not that into cleaning toilets.


  8. eschoendorff says:

    Billy Mays is a knob.

  9. Mike Lee says:

    Billy Mays is full of it! I brought the cold heat and wire strippers and both didn’t work. Everytime I see his new commericals, I get mad because he made me loose my hard earned cash! So be warned.

  10. ToolFreak says:

    RadioShack sells their own “Cold Heat” wire stuff, and the wire stripper tool thing has been around for years and can be had at walmart. I believe I got mine in the discount bin at Ace for $1 or something…

  11. Bruce Fenton says:

    Billy Mays is sapping this blog of its credibility as we speak…I was really sorry to see him featured on a blog that I otherwise enjoy.

  12. Squid says:

    I like him because he reminds me of my friends in Pittsburgh. Everything he hawks has the PAHR of the most PAHRFUL forces in the universe!

    He’s the next-best thing to Myron Cope, I’m telling ya.

  13. Teacher says:

    We found another company that sells the “Hercules Hooks”. I think it was at a craft store. They look to be the same thing(A piece of wire) and sold for a lot less that what Mays pitches on tv.

  14. EDDY says:

    I like Billy Mays. He does what he does well! He is supposed to get your attention..duh! That’s the point. I think he’s probably a real decent guy who’s making a living doing something he does well.

  15. Chuck says:

    The only thing worse than listening to Billy Mays is having to listen to George ‘W’.

  16. Roger says:

    I find Billy Mays to be loud and abrasive to the ears and mind. I will NEVER buy a single thing that man is out there yelling about. I hope someone gets irritated enough to start some sort of “ban Billy Mays” movement. I will join in a heartbeat if it has the possibility of removing this irritant from my living room.

  17. CortxVortx says:

    Hey, people after my own heart! I googled “against Billy Mays” and got this site on the first page. My daughter makes fun of me for keeping the tv remote in reach, just in case that tool comes on. Usually I silence him before he utters a single fingernails-on-the-blackboard syllable.

    Roger, I’m with you! Most of the annoying commercials I’ve seen are amateurish local productions, but this is a national menace!

  18. Sandy says:

    Does this man ever loose his voice? His voice, loudness, and actions alone will make me NEVER to buy a product he endorses. He drives me nuts with his annoying commercials. It was one thing to sell house wares, tools, etc. but now insurance. What is this insurance company thinking to use Billy Mays as their spokes person? You don’t have to yell to get someone’s attention on TV. For heaven’s sake shave off that stupid beard. Let’s look professional on TV not like you just came in from chopping wood.

  19. ann says:

    I agree with all of you. His stupid yelling is more than irritating. I’m so sick of his screaming and mangy looking beard. I think it’s to the point of not even noticing what he’s pushing because all my attention is on how I can’t stand him.

  20. Zathrus says:

    Honestly, I didn’t even know who he was. But, excluding the SuperBowl and a few other rare occasions, I haven’t watched a commercial in 8 years… really, TiVo is your friend.

  21. Daura says:

    I agree with the person who dives for the remote to mute Billy Mays. I will never buy anything he sells because of the yelling. I initially wondered if he was hearing-impaired as that sometimes accounts for speaking so loud but apparently he is just a loud, abrasive guy. If you watch TV late, you are bombarded with his commercials which are 10 times as loud as the show. They should realize what a turnoff he is to the products.

  22. Poot says:

    Seems the older this twit gets the darker his hair and beard become. Next he’ll be hawkin hair dye….or back shoe polish!!!

  23. RJ says:

    Sure would like someone to introduct federal legislation to ban Billy Mays commercials! Most items hawked represent ripoffs at the prices asked and are generally available elsewhere at a lot less money. Then there is this man’s soothing tonal quality (not). What an irritating SOB! Maybe a nice man, now with lots of money, but certainly is an abrasive, irritating individual. Can’t decide which is worse – Billy Mays or J G Wentworth. Won’t buy products or services either touts.

  24. Woodroe says:

    I wouldn’t buy anything this loud mouth idiot advertizes. He is as adbrasive as J G Wentworth.

  25. Harvey says:

    Billy Mays is the most obnoxious whining, screaming asshole on TV and he’s getting rich doing it. Shows how idiotic the citizens of this country are. No wonder nobody realizes that the filthy rich have stolen the country and systematically screw everyone else over and over. Of, by and for the people? Yeah, right!

  26. JW says:

    wake up people
    scumbag is scumbag
    snake oil salesmen are snakeoil salesmen
    this is what happens when you have no morals, no ethics, no soul
    if you send money to this moron, you are dumber than dumb

  27. Carlos says:

    This guy is good at what he does…sell. He has the smile, manly look and his products do work. I have bought them and no complaints at all. Oxy clean is a staple now in my house. I did notice the differance right away.

    He is not yelling..He is talking to you like back in school. He PROJECTS, Gets your attention and makes you listen. The fact that everyone who hates him in here found the time and location on the net to blog about him and belittle him is sad.

    I wanted to know more about him so I googled him and found this…Very sad…

    He is making his dream come true…..what are you negitive people doin?..sittin naked in front of your PC and bitching…
    finsih off your cupcake and try finding something positive on the net and pass on good things. Makes you feel better.

    Billy..keep doin whatcha doin cuz u doin it well.


  28. Helen Barak says:

    I enjoyed reading the comments on this site. Now, I realize I am not alone in my distaste for this overexposed hawkster. I also dive for the remote to mute or turn off the television altogether, whenever I hear him. I have an allergic reaction everytime I hear this abrasive, loud, obnoxious voice. Give us a break and take a long vacation.

  29. Smithy says:

    Sean O’Hara might be smiling at Bully Mays, but Mays isn’t “smiling back”; he’s laughing at you.

    Perform an online search for “screaming lunatic” and/or ‘screaming ***hole’ – see whose name comes up.

    Why a greasy-looking loudmouth with a belligerent tone should appeal to anyone who’s looking for cleaning products mystifies me.

    If I ever wanted to turn blue water clear, I’d do it without Oxy-scream.

  30. linda says:

    I promise I will never, ever buy anything this guy YELLS at me to BUY. The screaming has me RUNNING to turn off the sound or better yet switch channels so I don’t have to hear this idiotic man. The companies that hire this ear splitting jerk will not see a penny of my money. What kind of shysters would do this to potential customers? Only tacky unscrupulous companies, obviously.

  31. linda says:

    Carlos et al… If all these people say he’s yelling; he’s YELLING not ‘projecting’ you poor deaf thing. My God, he doesn’t do it ‘well’ — he appeals to those ‘people’ who ENJOY being told what to do.

  32. Billy says:

    This just popped up on the Youtubes. Billy Mays working in The Office.


    At least he can make fun of himself.

  33. old jim says:

    i immediately change the station.

    i sometimes look up the parent corporation of whatever he’s selling, find from their “investor relations” page the names of their CEO and CFO, write personal letters to both complaining about ‘that screaming idiot their ad-men hired. ‘

    In the letter I point out: “First rule they teach in any sales training course is: “Gain your prospect’s FAVORABLE attention”,
    ….which you DO NOT ACCOMPLISH by jumping into his livingroom screaming like a rutting orangutang ”

    He suffers from “Cranio-Rectal Immersion” and we’ve GOT to get him off the air.

  34. Frank P. says:

    Billy Mays is the most obnoxious pitchman ever with all that unnecessary yelling in every commercial he does. I can’t change the channel fast enough. I don’t understand why these companies keep hiring this jerk to pitch their products because I (and most everyone I know) WILL NOT BUY any product advertised by this commercial caveman.

  35. Marty R says:

    I mute him as soon as I hear his voice. My concern is that I may miss a product that automatically mutes him at the first sound of his voice. That’s what I want for Christmas.

  36. Max says:

    I have bought three products this guy promoted. And NOT ONE was worth Ten Cents in my opinion. Not one did what the ad and Lil Billy said it would. Billy you will Never Screw Me AGAIN Dude..

  37. Ted says:

    Cheat me once SHAME ON YOU.. Cheat me twice SHAME ON ME. Mr. Mays won’t get that second chance with me.

  38. Gerry says:

    What everyone needs to do is call the number Billy announces in his commercials and complain about this freak.
    We need to all do this and maybe and just maybe we can rid ourselves from these types of commercials.

  39. Jim anderson says:

    I ordered his h20 mop and received the free gift for only the cost of shipping and handling. The cost of the shipping and handling in the same box was a additional $ 15.00. What a rip off. The product could have been purchased for the same price locally. Not a big deal. Ask questions about howmuch everything will cost before you purchase.

  40. patrick says:

    Call “please call us at 1-800-807-6777” and leave a complaint the number is for his new stint with Maytag. Maybe if people called the product customer service he has advertised advising they will not purchase anything advertised by him they will stop hiring him.

  41. moon says:

    if you close your eyes, and emagine billy mays as a 5 year old whining little brat. then open your eyes and see a 235 pound 30 some year old whining adult……. it makes me cringe when i hear him.

  42. Tom G says:

    RIP Billy.
    He was a good man

  43. bob says:

    What with the Sham-Wow guy’s problems, it seems like there is a void in the noisy annoying pitchman market.

  44. Charles says:

    pretty crazy. Makes you wonder who will be next. I’ve grown to like Billy over the last few months.

  45. John Smtih says:

    “Billy Mays here in Heaven and I was asked to try and dip Michael Jackson’s soul in a vat of our new Oxy Clean with cleaning crystals.”

  46. Lou L says:

    Glad to know many others grab the clicker when Mays started shouting at me. Ugh.

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