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A reader sent us a link to this Unclutterer post about Pottery Barn’s solution for kids that need a little help reaching the sink. While I’m not sure that I’d shell out for the Pottery Barn version, this looks like a first-class idea for a home project — especially if you’ve been thinking about updating that vanity cabinet anyway.

(Thanks, Jet!)

Pottery Barn’s Hide-Away Step Stool [Unclutterer]


3 Responses to Project Idea: A Hide-Away Step Stool

  1. Hutch says:

    Very clever!
    And to make it extra practical (for when the kids grow big enough to not need it any more)build it as a drawer with a removeable top. Just be sure to add bracing underneath it to prevent flexing. (perhaps a plus or pound symbol “#” of 3/4 ply set on edge)

  2. Brian says:

    Good idea Hutch! I’m tired of stubbing my toes on the little step-stool that’s sitting in front of our vanity right now.

    Anyone have an idea for a latch/slide mechanism that will automatically close the step after the child steps down?

  3. Danny says:

    Nice! What hardware did you use?

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