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Wiha makes excellent precision screwdrivers, but their full-sized drivers deserve the same praise. The ribbed tips on Wiha’s Anti-Cam-Out screwdrivers prevent the tool from slipping off of fasteners, which prevents damaged fasteners and personal injury. Their comfortable and contoured no-roll handles, durable tips, and low cost make Wiha’s A.C.O. and 3K screwdrivers great tools.

Wiha makes the A.C.O. screwdrivers in a few slotted and Phillips sizes. If you prefer standard tip designs or you require sizes not available in the A.C.O. product line, check out Wiha’s “3K” line, which, excluding the ribbed tips, sports the same features as the A.C.O. drivers. They’re also cheaper.

Wiha 3K Screwdiver

Many industrial supply centers and a few retailers offer these screwdrivers for about $3 to $6 each. You can find ’em in McMaster Carr’s catalog on page 2780, halfway down the page where it says “Maxi-Grip Screwdrivers with Anti-Slip Tips.” Or you can order directly from Wiha’s domestic distribution center, with shipping at $9 an order.

After about a year of medium-duty use, the ridges on my A.C.O drivers have worn down slightly, but they still tighten screws as well as they did on day one.

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4 Responses to Wiha Anti-Cam-Out Screwdrivers

  1. Note: If ordering from Mcmaster Carr, only products on pg. 2780 starting with “55095A” refer (or at least have been referring) to Wiha’s ACO drivers. These are the ones with the round blades.

    It is highly unlikely that McMaster is using the same part numbers for different products, so 55095A** should still relate to these fabulous Wiha drivers. (Could you tell that I love ’em?)

  2. PutnamEco says:

    Wiha makes some good tools. I love their security bit set.

  3. Fred says:

    Wiha also make a very nice line of insulated nutdrivers – and while we know that we should never work 115/208 circuits alive – the insulation is adequate to that job.

  4. eschoendorff says:

    Wiha makes a very competitive screwdriver – I have the Snap on ACO phillips screwdrivers and they ROCK!

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