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This Skillers tool vest looks like a cross between a cameraman’s vest and a tool belt. A Swedish electrician designed it because he couldn’t find any practical workwear solutions, and he ended up founding one of the top workwear companies in Europe.

The vest design spreads the weight of the numerous pockets over your shoulders, instead of it all riding on your hips. A mesh back keeps you cool up in that hot attic, or you can buy a zipper insert to expand the vest around a jacket when you’re in that unheated construction site.

The larger lower pockets can swing loose so you won’t be spilling hardware everywhere when you bend over. And you color-coordinating craftsmen can choose from a variety of fabric blends and colors.

With a street price of $55, the vest is comparable in price to a tool belt. But you might have to wear it with some carpenter’s pants, because I don’t see any evidence that this thing has a hammer loop. If any of you has one or if you’ve seen it in action, please let us know in comments if there really is such a glaring omission.

Work Vest [Skillers]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


14 Responses to Skillers Tool Vest

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Don’t know to many vest wearers. I think they may be to hot for warmer climates.(Florida)
    I do know that Skillers “holster” pocket pants have a following. They seem well made.
    If I was going for an alternative to a tool belt, I think I would try Occidentals belt free system.

  2. ben marvin says:

    Well, it was invented by an electrician. Most electricians don’t carry hammers around as a standard tool.

    • Mo Gaul says:

      The 2 Velcro strips on the sides of this vest are for hammers and other such tools. Skillers has a metal hammer loop that works very well with this vest. I use this vest in Arizona, best vest ever. especially if you work in finished homes, big belts make people nervous.

  3. Zaw says:

    I’m a Satellite guy I use a Fly Fishing vest as my tool belt and it Work real good. Its got more then enough pockets for different types of connectors, screw drivers, cable crimpter, satellite meter and everything I need.

    A lot more comfortable then tool belts and they only cost $10.00 at K-Mart.

    Tool belt was hurting my lower back and spilling connectors when I sit on the roof.

  4. john from 661 says:

    It looks like the back would cover “Plumbers Crack” also.

  5. Mike says:

    Duluth Trading Company sells a very similiar vest. It has pouches that you buy separate that attach to the side of vest behind the front pockets and one of the attachements you can purchase is a hammer loop. I own one and really like the vest over a tool belt. I believe it sells under the DTPro line on their website or just search for vest.

  6. O'Bunny says:

    I had an electrician ask me to pass him “the ‘lectician’s hammer” on a recent job. He meant his pliers…

  7. Trick says:

    I’m a Finish carpenter in Las Vegas, and the Skillers vests are very highly used out here among other finish carpenters. Skillers does sell an after market hammer loop accessory. I personally perfer the vest over A toolbelt.

  8. Clyde says:

    I have worn out two skillers vests. There is indeed a hammer loop that hooks in a velcro strap on either side of the vest. I am currently using the Occidental Leather vest. I am actively looking for my next vest, and will more than likely replace the Occidental with a new Skillers. I like it that mcu.

  9. Jim Lyons says:

    Where do I purchase one?

  10. Jose villa says:

    Where can I buy one

  11. aaronbz says:

    The vest that tiger trend makes is like this one but way better cause the pockets swing when u bend over that way all ur pencils and shit dont fall out. Ive used both vest and this one always looses all my shit when I bend over

  12. Harold Zydzik says:

    I’m going to finish carpenter in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’ve had skillers vests for about 15 years now. It takes all the weight from your hips it’s a great vest. I highly recommend it

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