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CleanStream Filters

You have to replace shop vacuum bags frequently to keep the vacuum working at peak efficiency. And different tasks require different filters, e.g. a paper filter for drywall dust and a foam filter for cleaning up after a leaky drain. CleanStream offers a reusable shop vacuum filter that can be used wet or dry. You can remove dirt and dust with a few firm taps on a hard surface (outside!), or you can clean it more thoroughly by rinsing the filter out under the tap.

The CleanStream filter traps dirt and dust on a non-stick surface rather than inside the filtering material as paper filters do. Thus a quick tap or rinsing quickly restores the filter to its optimum filtering ability. It will filter out 99.97% of particles down to .3 microns, which qualifies it as a HEPA filter. That means less of the fine dust will wind up back in the air and in your lungs.

The filter’s reusable nature saves money in the long run — with a replacement paper filter going from about $10 to more than $30, it doesn’t take many filter changes for the $23 to $35 CleanStream to pay for itself. CleanStream filters will replace the filters in Sears, Craftsman, Genie, Black & Decker, Ridgid, Shop-Vac, and Dirt Devil models.

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6 Responses to Save Money With CleanStream Shop Vacuum Bags

  1. rick says:

    I personally clean out my paper filters and reuse them. It is more work than just tapping it outside. I have to deal with eye protection, respirator, and the air compressor to blow out all the junk. Do watch to make sure that your pressure isnt too high and you are damaging the filter. I have been doing this for a while and it does create a good cloud of drywall dust outside, it does work… this would be a lot easier! Maybe when i have to replace the one I have…

  2. I don’t know, I think I would still prefer a high efficiency bag filter for things like masonry and drywall dust. For general purpose use, a regular filter will be just as effective, and can also be cleaned although maybe not as easily.

  3. Gareth says:

    I work on Model Aircraft and generate a LOT of fine dust that quickly clogs my vacs filter. I have taken to using a paper filter in addition to the regular HEPA filter to make it easier to clean the filter off and get the vacs power back. I have to clean the val pretty much every weekend.

    I’ll give one of these a try and see if its at least easier to work with!

  4. karen says:

    as usual, i’m late to this dance. intrigued, though, because i’m (still) trapped in post-katrina renovation hell. of all the things i hate about reno, sheetrock dust is in the top 3. imagine my amazement when i went to the tool cabinet and found that i already own one of these–as a backup filter. i vaguely remember buying it and going back & forth because of the cost, finally capitulating because knocking and banging filters to clean them & squeeze a little more use out of them takes as long as the cleanup. since i bought the filters in multiples, this one got shoved to the back. today, though … goodbye paper filter! i’m actually looking forward to getting in the other half of the house and running the vacuum to see if this thing works like they claim it does! and if it doesn’t … i’ll be back to tell you.

  5. karen says:

    yep. this filter is definitely MUCH easier to use. it allowed me to vacuum a larger area before i felt obliged to empty/clean, and it cleaned up a whole lot easier. the only issue i had with cleanup is that the filter traps a LOT of dust inside the folds, so when i removed the filter, i got a huge bunch of dust that i then had to sweep up. also, the very brief instructions, which i didn’t bother to read at first, specifically state to not use a brush on the filter. oops. however, when i started to use the brush on the filter, i found that i just had to tap the brush–gently–on the side of the filter to release the dust from the folds.

    i should also mention that i have a rigid shop vac, and the filter fit VERY snugly on the housing, so a bunch of the dust was knocked into a heap at my feet when i removed the filter. maybe it comes off a little easier with other brands.

    overall, i give it two thumbs up. i can imagine that this filter, used with the low dust sheetrock mud you blogged about, would make building/renovations a whole lot easier.

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