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You can now get the 2008 Craftsman Club calendar at most Sears locations nationwide. Along with the joy of a free calendar, you get 24 coupons, two per month — some great, others lousy, but for the price, one can hardly complain.

Some of the better coupons offer $5 off $25 purchases, $10 off $50 purchases, 25% off a regular-priced stick tool (whatever that may be), and $25 off any tool storage combo, regular or sale-priced. If you’re a Craftsman Club member, you can collect your calendar for free. Non-members can either pay $10 or find a cashier who’ll punch in their numbers for you.


4 Responses to Craftsman Club Calendar Now In Stores

  1. Bart'sDad says:

    Or sign up to be a member and get the monthly fliers and the extra discount they offer.

  2. Of course signing up for the Craftsman Club is a good idea. BUT if one signs up now, they won’t get the card for 2-3 weeks, and won’t even be entered into the system for 1-2 weeks. By the time a new registrant gets a club membership number, there likely won’t be any calendars left.

  3. ToolFreak says:

    Only the strictest of Sears cashiers will ask you for your card to swipe it for the calendar. Even after I had done that at a Sears mall store, I was at a Sears hardware store and the cashier pointed out they had calendars if I’d like to just take one… Plus there’s nothing preventing you from just taking one if theres noone at the register, either. (“Oh? Sorry, I thought they were free…”)

  4. Boss717 says:

    Slightly off topic, I was at my local Sears Essentials (Tustin, CA) today and picked up the Dewalt DC900KL 36v hammer drill for $154. Comes with case, charger, two batteries, drill and handle. Pretty good deal as I’ve seen it ranging from $379 to $659 on the web. It’s a little heavy but decently balanced and powerful. 750 watts.

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