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Silky makes some of the sharpest and most convenient folding pull saws you can buy, for anything from yard work to trim carpentry. My bleeding thumb can attest to the sharpness of at least one of their saws, the general purpose Gomboy 210.

Silky impulse-hardens their blades’ teeth to create a point that’s harder than a file without reducing the flexibility of the saw’s back. And to prevent binding, they grind down the saw back to be less thick than the teeth. One downside: you can’t resharpen the blades, but replacement blades are readily available.

The saw cuts aggressively, but smoothly. With the rubber-coated handle, you can draw the blade without much effort, even one-handed. Silky treats all the metal surfaces for rust resistance, and they package the knife with a plastic case to protect it from the elements.

Street pricing on the Gomboy 210 is about $30. Check out Silky’s corporate site to see the variety of different styles — just watch your fingers.

Silky [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] (B000658GXC) [What’s This?]


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