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You’re trying to pull some wire through a hole with wire from a previous installation, but the hole just isn’t large enough. How the heck do you enlarge the hole without pushing the wire back through and losing it in the wall? The Rebore-Zit comes to the rescue. From the makers of the previously posted Base-Boar-Zit and other various -Zit products, the Rebore-Zit’s free-spinning swivel-eyelet allows you to keep the wire attached to the drill bit while you ream out the hole.

The procedure couldn’t be simpler: choose the proper Rebore-Zit bit, thread the wire through the swivel loop, and twist the wire so it’s securely attached to the bit — then push the bit into the hole, and enlarge it. When you’re finished, pull out the bit, and the wire is still attached. Repeat if you need to make a larger hole.

The Rebore-Zit comes in three different sizes: a 3/8″ bit to enlarge a 1/4″ hole, a 1/2″ bit to enlarge a 3/8″ hole, and a 3/4″ bit which also enlarges a 3/8″ hole. These bits run around $35 , $53, and $82 respectively — expensive, but how else are you going to enlarge a hole without losing the wire?

ReBore-Zit [Labor Saving Devices]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


4 Responses to Enlarge Holes Without Removing The Wire

  1. Casey says:

    cool, BUT at over $50, I will stick to damaging a small part of the existing coax to pull a dual RG6 line thru the new hole.

    I could have used this MANY times running wires under nasty mobile homes, but so far have been successful drilling a hole adjacent to the existing and reaming it out just enough for them to connect, all about fineness.

    this company does have a bunch of great products, wish I had a retailer locally who stocked their items.

  2. Brau says:

    Damn! I coulda used this all my life. NOW it comes out. Many times I have done what Casey (above) said and wished for a better option. Definitely worth the $50 if you are in the wire pulling industry.

  3. Zaw says:

    Only goes up to 3/8

    Usually need go from 3/8 to 5/8 for Dual RG6 runs.

    I just use those swivel key chains deal. Strip out the coax. attach center conductor with swivel. Then other side of the swivel to stronger wire, use that wire to some how attach the swivel to hole in your 5/8″ bit and drill and hope that cable don’t get twisted and break. hehe..

  4. Couldn’t you use the 3/4″ bit that enlarges a 3/8″ hole?

    When I first saw this tool, my first thought was that a guy could make something similar grinding the end of a step or tapered bit flat, drilling and tapping a hole for an eyelet in the end, and using a snap swivel from his tacklebox…

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