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If you or your children are interested in crafting small derby cars, head to Lowe’s on Tuesday for a free demonstration. After they show you how to make a derby car faster and more aerodynamic, your kids’ll get an attendance badge, and you’ll receive a coupon for 10% off Dremel products. See more details after the jump.

This promotion runs every Tuesday at 7 pm at all Lowe’s locations until February 26th. I scanned the above image from last year’s “Derby Construction Guide,” but the wording on Lowe’s website suggests that this year’s coupon may apply to all Dremel accessories and not just rotary tool kits.

After the derby car demonstration, you can get started at home with Dremel’s derby car kit, or a recommended derby design and pattern book.

Lowe’s Promo Page [Lowe’s]
Lowe’s Store Locator [Lowe’s]


2 Responses to Dremel Derby Demos At Lowe’s

  1. Ken says:

    If my memory serves me right ,these derby car kits bear an awfully close resemblance to the Boy Scouts of America Pine Wood Derby Kits.These kits were supposed to be constructed by the individual cub scouts with minimul help from an adult.It was designed so cub scouts could follow directions and be proud as hell that they made it eventhough the finished product may not have been a work of art.It was theirs they made it.PRIDE. Look at the ones from Lowes looks like a auto design engineer made them.Give me one made by a cub scout anyone time.if I had to judge them I would pick the one made by the cub scout.He put his heart and soul in it.

  2. ct says:

    I just saw this on delicious, thought it would be a good ‘kids’ tagged post for the future –

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