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One of the easiest wood finishes on the market, Danish oil wipes on without much effort and looks as good as any finish out there, even if you’re a beginner. Unfortunately, most stores don’t carry my favorite shade, Red Mahogany.

There are only so many Golden Oak and Walnut colored projects in you before the search for something a little darker and red takes you drifting down the stain aisle at the local hardware store. You might consider ordering this color if you’re looking for red stain that doesn’t give you splotches or take 50 coats to get right.

Except for shipping costs, you won’t pay any more for it —  the only trouble is the wait. Plan a week ahead if you’re looking to go red on the next project.

Red Mahogany Danish Oil [Watco by Rustoleum]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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