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The Byrdrench multi-tool adds a few twists to the typical knife and pliers combo we’re all familiar with. One difference: you get a pair of slip joint pliers rather than the standard needle nose pliers you find in most multi-tools. And the Byrdrench splits apart into separate tools, which really sets it apart from the pack.

If you separate the pliers, you produce a locking knife/screwdriver in one hand and an adjustable crescent wrench in the other. They function as individual tools, or you can combine the two halves to give yourself a longer handled crescent wrench. The tool includes a file and a slot that will accept four built-in standard hex bits.

You might notice this tool’s resemblance to the Spyderench — Byrd is Spyderco’s line of imported knives, and Byrd has reissued the design under their mark. Street pricing starts around $55.

Byrdrench [Spyderco]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] (B000RQ5VFQ) [What’s This? ]


8 Responses to Byrdrench’s Two-Fisted Multi-Tool

  1. SuperJdynamite says:


  2. llahbocaj says:

    I owned the original spyderench. It was great as a knife…and nothing else. The tool is two individual pieces that are interlocked at one end and this design in function is a real pain to deal with. If you wanted to use the pliars you risked having the tool fall apart in your hand. If you want to use the c-wrench, you have to take the tool apart and flip it around. If you want to use any of the driver bits you have to take the tool apart to get the bits out. The file was useful and also served to hold the driver bits in place.

    So if you want to do anything with this multitool other than use it as a knife, it takes a great deal of assembly and disassembly. I thought it would be great, it looked cool, and it had all kinds of cool parts but in reality using it on a daily basis was a nightmare.

    The design of it is fantastic and it was a really cool thing, but this is the same functionally nightmarish tool that is now being manufactured in China and sold for less than it used to.

  3. This looks really cool, but I don’t think I’d buy one unless I could get my grubby mitts on one based on what llahbocaj posted.

    On the manufacturer’s site there are a lot of good visual examples of using the various different configurations. I like the picture of using the screwdriver half and the crescent wrench half together. That’s something my Leatherman can’t do. It’s worth a look.

  4. I like this tool. It makes sense, since I tend to use a knife way, way more than any other tool and I want blade on my multi-tool to be a good one.

  5. cobrajoe says:

    I have the newer spyderench. While I do find it a bit gimicky with all the taking apart and putting together, it is still very useful. I guess I really like the fact that you can use the pliers and knife without the need to open the other (most leathermans, gerbers, etc… the pliers must be opened before you can get to the blade).

    It is a brilliant design, although there are a few shortcomings.

  6. Liz says:

    Hey Guys, it’s the Swiss army knife multi-tool! Who wouldn’t want that. I’d just enjoy playing with it, and on top of that you can use it as a tool. I mean I love my Gerber, but look at this thing. I”want “also.

  7. James E. Rowray says:

    Would anyone like to sell a spyderco spyderench, especially a USA made one?

  8. RTinDC says:

    Love these multi-tools, but in a survival situation, it’s too much like having “all your eggs in one basket”. Still want one!

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