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Pulling wire, whether it be for speakers, cable, or network, can be a pain in the ass — any tool that makes this job quicker and easier deserves a look. Labor Saving Devices designed the Base-Boar-Zit to drill a hole through the baseboard below the carpet line. The hole then curves upward into the center of the floor plate and into the wall cavity to provide an invisible and professional installation.

The powder coated steel foot directs the drilling cable with a curved tubing housing. The paddle bit at the end of the cable follows the arc of the tube into the wall cavity, preventing drilling through the opposite wall. Included with the Base-Boar-Zit are the cable bit with frame, 10 feet of thin fish wire in a storage case, and a hex wrench for the adjustable stop.

Base-Boars-Zit in Use

Available in two bit sizes, 5/16” and 7/16”, the Base-Boar-Zit runs $110 and $120 for the two sizes respectively. If you have a lot of wire to run, the Base-Boar-Zit may save you some time and frustration.

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