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If you think a chain mortiser looks like a cross between a chainsaw and a drill press, you’ve just about pegged it. These tools speed up post and beam construction, and they look bad-ass.

To operate the tool, you clamp it onto a wide piece of timber, then plunge the mortiser’s spinning chain into the wood to create a straight-sided hole. You can reposition the tool and go again to create bigger mortises — it definitely beats chiseling out holes with a drill. If you want to see one in action check out this video for SwissPRO’s version.

The prices on these specialty tools definitely keep them in the niche market. Street pricing for Makita’s enigmatically named 7104L runs around $1200.

Makita [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


3 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Chain Mortiser

  1. SlowJoeCrow says:

    Makita made some even more exotic timber framing tools back in the 90s including a tenon cutter with 3 circular saw blades in a frame, and a router with 2 heads. These had to be ordered direct from Japan and the only dealer in the US was a small company in Maine because there was a huge tariff on Japanese power cutting tools. (thanks Black & Decker).

  2. nobodieshero says:

    I dunno why but something about this thing just seems really dangerous.

  3. I wouldn’t mind having one of those for my wood shop.

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