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If the new year finds you looking for Energy Star compliant appliances, Lowe’s is offering a 10 percent discount on “select” models and brands, i.e. last year’s models over $400. You get the discount at the register, so at least you don’t have to sweat cutting UPCs and mailing them to a P.O. box in China somewhere.

It’s not like they’re slashing prices to the bone here, but it would be handy if you have to go buy a dishwasher this weekend. You can get the offer from 1/17  to 1/21.

Energy Star Sale [Lowe’s]


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  1. Teacher says:

    Be sure to look at all the details on the appliance and not just the “Energy Star” symbol. According to Popular Mechanics, the FTC allows the manufacturers to determine if their appliances are “Energy Star” compliant.

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