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The tool knife wins in the Best Impulse Buy category this week. Tool geeks love to geek out and collect unusual tools that their friends don’t have. This knife definitely qualifies. Only one thing makes this knife interesting: the hand tools cut in relief into the brass handles.

Otherwise, you have a standard multibladed pen knife. Closed, the knife measures 3-3/8″ long and 3/16″ thick. It features a 2″ drop point blade and a bottle opener tool on the other end. We’d like to get it as a gift, but we can’t picture any Toolmonger blowing $30 on it themselves.

Tool Knife [Garrett Wade]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


3 Responses to The Hand Tool Knife

  1. Totally cool looking, but I’ve become sold on pocket clips, locking blades and one handed opening.

    My most recent knife purchase was this little guy:

    It’s rapidly displaced my much more expensive benchmade mini-griptilian as my favorite knife. Short enough to carry everyone and not scare people. Sharp and easy to sharpen. Cheap enough to abuse the hell out of. Great ergonomics. Best $25 I’ve spent in a long time.

  2. Bugler says:

    I’ve slobbered over the Boker Subcoms myself. I wonder if this Gerber Fatty would be a reasonable substitute. Sure is cheap.


  3. dave says:

    They have an interesting catalog from which I almost never buy.

    The name brands tools that you can find elsewhere are always cheaper elsewhere. A lot of the other stuff is no-name Asian tools that might be a good value but are not likely very good quality.

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