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All of us here at Toolmonger dig Stanley’s Fubar line of demolition hammers. You can imagine my glee when browsing Target’s clearance end cap I found a model 55-119 Functional Utility Bar (or Fubar) on clearance for $15 — that’s half off its usual retail price of $30!

Target’s site lists the Fubar as an on-line only product, but I saw this model in Wal-Mart and Target brick and mortar stores around the holidays. I’m guessing Stanley made a push to get these out as Dad gifts, and now Target’s selling off any they have left.

You might not find one in your local store, but it’s worth a look around at this price. And if you happen to find one, put it in your cart — casually carrying one of these bad boys around the store will get you some wary looks.

55-119 Fubar [Stanley]
Target Store Locator [Target.com]


7 Responses to Snag A Fubar 2 On Clearance

  1. Some people have been reporting that their local Target is only offering the FUBAR at $19.98. That is still a good price, so don’t hesitate and wait to see if it drops further.

    I picked one up for $15 two weeks ago, and a week later when I went for another, the remaining six were already gone.

  2. drezdn says:

    Make sure to scan the price before you take it up to the register, as Target clearance prices aren’t always universal (at least in my experience).

    I wish I would have waited another week. I picked up mine as soon as I found them marked down to $20.

  3. der5er says:

    I brought my Fubar to work (telecommunications) and displayed it proudly on my desk. Strangely, all my employees are finishing their assigned tasks ahead of schedule now…

  4. eschoendorff says:

    I bought one of the bigger FUBARs when they first cam out. i actually look for reasons to use that monster!

  5. ryan says:

    I should have let you know about this earlier… I grabbed one the day the Fubar post was up….

  6. RevRagnarok says:

    I doubt anybody will ever read this, but I just snagged the last one at the MD 198/295 intersection. $7.48! I was hoping they had more, I was gonna buy them all and then share with friends.

  7. drezdn says:

    The Targets around here (Milwaukee) still have them, and have them for $7.48 as no one has moved them to a clearance section or really marked them down.

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