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Veto Pro Pac came out with their new line of OT bags last fall. Toolmonger has featured their line of tool bags before, and the posts generated responses from a number of readers, including Roger Brouard, owner and founder of Veto Pro Pac.

Its open design, which allows for bulkier items and easy accessibility while working, distinguishes the OT (Open Top) line.  Otherwise, it features the same rugged material and construction as the original line, but it lacks one of the key features that the original had.  With the original bags, you could tip, toss, or throw a loaded bag around and still have your tools neatly organized — a definite selling point. Without that feature, has Veto made a watered-down version of the original — or has their OT bag filled a whole new need?

Have you had a chance to handle Veto’s new OT line?  Let us know what you think in comments. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Mr. Brouard will share his thoughts, too.

Veto Pro Pac [Corporate Site]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] (B000VKSAQK) [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Hot or Not? Veto’s Topless Tool Bag

  1. Eric says:

    I have not used this item specifically, but I have used the Husky open-top tool tote, an I prefer it over traditional tool bags. With a standard tool bag, it seemed like I had to pull everything out just to find that 1 tool I needed. But with the open-top, everything seems to be right within sight and easy to access. Plus, the open-top designs tend to have more individual pockets and that leads to a “place for everything and everything in it’s place” – so I know where a tool should be, and what’s missing. I have found the design to be stable, so tipping wasn’t a problem, and I’m not one to toss my tools – closed bag or not.

  2. Frank Townend says:

    This looks like a nice bag, but at $150 I see it going to professionals who; 1. need a bag that can stand the abuse, and 2. may be able to consider it an expensed item.

    I watch for small bags on sale and devote them to a single task. I have bags for detail sanding, electrical maintaince, auto maintenance, tool maintenance, etc. One can find the bags at the box stores or Sears on sale; add a luggage tag with the task managed by the contents, and store them on a shelf with the tag showing.

  3. Teacher says:

    At $150, unless it does the repairs itself. this tool bag won’t be in my shop.

  4. Troy R. says:

    I just purchased an XL this week and I am very pleased. As a Service Technician our whole day is spent driving from one account to another and performing repairs. This line of bags are awesome. Agreed they are not priced or marketed toward the weekend warrior but for people that are on the road and turn a wrench for a living, they are a great buy. We have about a dozen tech.’s in our place and we have all gone through many different types of tool bags. From the 20 dollar cheap-o right up to the 130 dollar Snap-On Tool tote. And this bag beats them all. The last version of bags most of us were using was the Snap-On Tools tote. It cost $130. off the Snap On Truck, and lasted for about a year before the outside pockets starting getting holes due to needlenose pliers or from screwdrivers, or whatever. In the last 6 years I have gone through about 12 different bags. When I put the VETO bag next to the Snap On bag, the differences are huge. The 1800 denier is super thick, there wont be poking any holes in this material. They have more pockets than any other bag I have seen. They hold a ton of stuff. I do not have to keep going back and forth from the account to my service van to get additional tools.
    I was a bit hesitant to purchase one online, for the same reasons many others mention. When you buy a new bag, you want to be able to see it and feel it, to see for yourself if its worth the money. Nothing would be more worse than spending the cash only to be bent out of shape when the thing arrived and its not what you wanted. I had to drive 2.5 hours just to be able to get to a location that carry these. But it was worth it.
    The only downside to this product line is that its not be carried in enough locations yet, to be easily purchased in person.
    Anyone in Upstate NY looking, I got mine at Williams Lumber in Rhinebeck, NY. The folks were very nice, and it was priced at retail, not above like I have seen on some websites.
    Overall, I am extremely happy with this bag, and would suggest it to anyone that asks.

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