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Kunz Glue Scraper

You’ve gone and done it this time: You forgot to clean up the squeeze-out last night when you glued your table top together. You could carefully pare away the rock-hard, dried glue with a simple chisel — but wouldn’t you rather use a large scraper with plenty of leverage like this one from Kunz?

Kunz casts their glue scraper’s uniquely shaped 12-1/2″ handle out of iron for strength and heft — it’ll take some abuse. The 2-3/8″ wide blade, sharpened on two sides, attaches to the handle with a slotted screw; so when it gets dull, you can easily resharpen or replace it.

Amazon sells this German import for $37 — a bit pricey for its less than glamorous purpose — but at least you can always scrape paint with it, too.

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2 Responses to Scrape Your Glues Away

  1. Mark says:

    I would not scrape paint with anything but a scraper with a carbide insert.

  2. Mike lee says:

    Used a card scraper, it’t cheaper.

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