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OBD II Check Engine Auto Scanner

If your car’s check engine light comes on, you’re probably going to pay about $50 for a diagnostic if you take it to your neighborhood garage, or more if you go to the dealership — a lot of scratch for a problem that might be as cheap and easy to fix as a faulty temperature sensor. If you have a 1996 or newer vehicle that’s OBD II compliant then check out this standalone scanner.

With support for multiple trouble, pending, generic, and manufacturers’ codes, it’ll interpret that annoying check engine light and show you the results on an easy-to-read backlit LCD display. It’ll also reset and clear codes. Amazon’s selling the scanner for $37.

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9 Responses to Dealmonger: OBD II Check Engine Auto Scanner $37

  1. KMR says:

    I used the exact OBDII scanner shown above yesterday… very easy to use, does exactly what it should. The error code it read from the ECU of a Ford supported the symptoms the car actually had.

    You can purchase these from http://www.diydiagnostics.com/ where they also have VW/Audi and BMW specific products.

  2. Fred says:

    I wonder why something like this isn’t built in to cars. That would be much more useful than the generic check engine gub.

  3. Chris says:

    Fred: because the vast majority of car buyers/owners aren’t willing to pay a $100 premium for a vehicle that has this built in, since they take their cars to the dealer whenever an idiot light comes on anyway.

    You and I would find it useful, but I suspect people like us comprise maybe one percent of the market at best, and if I can get something like this on the aftermarket for $40, I’d much rather do that than pay $100 for a hypothetical (and likely inferior) factory-installed device.

  4. techieman33 says:

    I don’t understand the point of cheap code readers like this. Most parts stores will check the codes for free. And if your into car repair enough that you want your own, you’ll probably want something a lot nicer than this.

  5. mike d says:

    Chris: I read an article on obdII a few years back and according to it, the car companies wanted a more meaningful display. They claim they didn’t want you running back to the dealer every time the check engine light came on and it was just a loose gas cap. The article said the EPA wanted the more generic, fear inducing, check engine light. Their argument was that if it was more specific – like mentioning a specific pollution control circuit – the average consumer would ignore it going “I can live without that.”

    They were probably right.

  6. Sean Anderson says:

    I just ordered the professional obdII this weekend from diydiagnostics for ~$45. It adds live data viewing capabilities. Somewhere in my research, prior to making the purchase, I saw mention of some vehicles that display codes on digital odometers with either a ingition switch on/off sequence or by turning the ignition on while holding the trip odometer button in. Might be available on more autos than we actually know. Anyone have experience with vehicles that include this kind of feature?

  7. Teacher says:

    My 1990 Dakota will give e trouble codes if I do an ignition sequence of:on off on off on. I light on the dash flashes for the first digit, pause, then flashes for the second digit. The codes are very, very generic though.

  8. Tracy Allen says:

    That’s a great price at Amazon. But I found a pocket code reader from http://www.denlorstools.com/home/dt1/page_13211/launch_laucreaderiv_can_pocket_code_obd_2_reader.html for just a little more than that and it is CAN capable. Since they are all going to this protocol mandated by the government, it makes sense to get the latest and greatest.

  9. GDMgreg says:

    Great scanner with a great price at amazon. I look around the web, searching for code reader, a more newer version of this with a different in color, And finally bought mine at http://carcodereader.org/.
    It was big help for me in just a size of a palm, I feel like i’m a pro car tech. with this gadget. It allows you to do a quick emission status test.

    OBD II is for 96 and newer vehicle that’s OBD II compliant

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